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Who we are

Peter and Lauren Dishman married at the end of 2013 and are excited to be seeding a new campus ministry through a strategic partnership between Mission to the WorldReformed University Fellowship (the missions and campus ministry arms of the Presbyterian Church in America), and the Iglesia Reformada Evangelica de Colombia.

The Dishmans serve students of the National University of Colombia in Bogotá, the country’s largest, oldest, and most diverse public university. Founded in 1867, the UNAL has grown to over 40,000 students and has a reputation both for strong research and strong leftward leanings often erupting in agitation.

Peter and Lauren hope to bring to bear Peter’s experience starting an RUF ministry in Mexico City and Lauren’s passion for all things educational (both have seminary degrees) to reach and equip the next generation with the good news of Jesus and his church and kingdom in Bogotá and beyond. In May, the Dishmans look forward to being joined in this work by a baby boy, their first.

What we do

Whether it’s getting a raise at work, the birth of a child, or crossing something off your bucket list, good news demands to be told. What God has done and is doing in the world finds its clearest expression in the society of God’s people called the church. RUF exists to announce and demonstrate to the world the words and work of Jesus. In addition, we strive to provide the basis for the transformation of the world and the “healing of the nations.”


Simply put, “Reformed,” describes the biblical convictions of historic Christianity. The movement of the church which sought to renew these convictions afresh ministered the Christian gospel under the banners of “Faith Alone,” “Grace Alone,” “Scripture Alone,” “Christ Alone,” and “To God Alone Be The Glory.” In calling ourselves “Reformed” we claim the same banners for our work.


More than just a ministry on the university campus, RUF seeks to be a ministry for the university. We strive to serve in this unique stage of a student’s life in the world they live in, exploring together how the Lordship of Christ informs every area of life.


All human problems originate from our alienation from God, and those problems show up vividly in broken relationships with one another. God’s answer to human alienation is the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and His answer to disintegrated relationships is the church of Jesus. RUF is the arm of this restorative people reaching out to the college campus.


Reformed University Fellowship serves undergraduates and international scholars on over 140 campuses in the United States through RUF and RUF-International. Since 2005, RUF has also served the church outside of the United States through the ministry of RUF-Global, currently on campuses in Mexico, Colombia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

Where we live

There seems to be a fine line between a drug-war battlefield and a hip bohemian city, and Bogotá has crossed it. In just a few years, this subtropical city has clamped down on violence, cleaned up its act and emerged as the trendy capital of Colombian cool, safe enough to visit but still seedy enough to feel far from home. With its stretches of drab urban jungle, Bogotá is not conventionally pretty and its pleasures not immediately clear. But it rewards intrepid travelers who hop across its archipelago of neighborhoods to unearth artistic and cultural gems. Anand Giridharadashe, The New York Times

We love living in this historic capital of Latin America – founded in 1538, nestled a mile and a half high in the Andes Mountains, and grown through a chaotic and complex history to a global megacity of over 8 million inhabitants, many of them displaced from other regions of the country through decades of violence. It is our hope that this city, founded by a man searching for the mythical city of gold, will be transformed by the Builder of a city yet to come.

Some of things we are doing this semester…

English Clubs

One of the ways that we serve the campus is through conversational English clubs that meet each week. We introduce ourselves, answer the question of the day, and then break into small groups led by native English speakers. In addition to helping students develop their English skills (a requirement for graduation and a good job), the clubs help build community and open doors to all kinds of conversations.

Bible Studies

Last semester we studied through the entire Gospel of Mark on Friday afternoons. During the Spring semester we will continue our study as we observe, interpret and apply another book of the Bible to our lives. We are hopeful that other spaces for study will open up as we continue to work with students in one on one, small group, and large group contexts. Please pray for interest and opportunity!